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Let's face it, life is getting ever more hectic. The levels of stress with which we are having to contend seem, at times, unbearable. So light up your day with tons of beautiful, relaxing, HD pictures right on your phone.

Got a call from a bill collector? Have a beautiful picture of the ocean waiting for you when you hang up.

Your child's tuition just got raised, again? Lose yourself in the vivid colors of a rose bush. Feel like your job has got you stifled, unfulfilled? Fly away on the majestic wings of a monarch butterfly.

No matter the stressor, know that there is always a beautiful picture waiting to trigger a relaxing daydream just for you.

IF combined with the relaxing sounds of nature from our Relaxing Sounds X app, the stress is bound to roll right off your shoulders.

Some of the categories are Flowers, Fractals, Nature, Textures, Animals, Girly, Colors, Signs, Quotes and so on.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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An app produced by us at Xffect.com, it has over a thousand HD wallpapers for your Android phones.

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