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It's been well established that sounds can affect a person's mood. It is with that premise in mind, that this app was created. Within this app you'll find a great selection of sounds intended to put you in a good, relaxed mood. It's a great accessory to have at work, when the error messages, the ringing phones, and other unhappy noises just get to be too much to bear.

You can also use it to help you fall asleep at night, or if you are trying to meditate. Regardless of your reason for wanting to escape the noise pollution that dampens your mood, consider this app your ticket out of it.

This app is ever changing with the hopes to make it one that android users will enjoy for hours. As such if you have a sound or an animation that you would like us to include for you. you can reach us on our website by many different ways, some of these are our forum, blog, facebook, twitter or simply send us an email.

It is important to mention that we make every effort to ensure that the app would work on everyphone but every now and then an error can ocurr. If this happens do not feel discouraged, there are many ways to contact us as mentioned above. Let us know and if it is within our ability to fix, we will fix it for you.

Hope you enjoy the hours of relaxing audio as much as we!

Some of the Animations and Sounds include Forest Floor, Sunset at Bridge, Nature's Grass, Island Getaway, Lake Scene, Forest Night, Ocean Front and so on.

thanks for using our android app.

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An app produced by us at, it has many relaxing sounds and animations for your Android phones.

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