Air Horn X App Video

Air Horn X


This video was design so the everyone enjoyed seing this beautifull android app in action. Its one with both anoying sounds and funny animations.Animations that range from a barking dog to the clasic and still loved air horn.

Feel bored and stressed on your day, have fun with air horn, with it you can scare your friends or simply laugh at the funny animations.

This app is ever changing with the hopes to make it one that android users will enjoy for hours. As such if you have a sound or an animation that you would like us to include for you. you can reach us on our website by many different ways, some of these are our forum, blog, facebook, twitter or simply send us an email.

It is important to mention that we make every effort to ensure that the app would work on everyphone but every now and then an error can ocurr. If this happens do not feel discouraged, there are many ways to contact us as mentioned above. Let us know and if it is within our ability to fix, we will fix it for you.

After all it is an app to have fun, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Included sounds are Barking Dog, Helicopter, Alarm, Hugue Alarm, Boat Horn, Train, Car Alarm, Whistle, Police, Air Horn.

thanks for using our android app.

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An app produced by us at, it has many sounds and animations for your Android phones.

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