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Wallpapers Fractals X


Let's face it, life is getting ever more hectic. The levels of stress with which we are having to contend seem, at times, unbearable. So light up your day with tons of beautiful, relaxing, HD pictures right on your phone.

With this app we bring you beautiful fractals for you to enjoy.

One thing we can say about fractals is that the geometry it creates its amazing. You can loose yourself looking at them for hours even days. They seem to create ever more complex worlds from the same shapes, testing everyones imaginations. Sometimes words can not express how amazing they really are.

Check them out, there are hundreds of them in this app.

It is important to mention that we make every effort to ensure that the app would work on everyphone but every now and then an error can ocurr. If this happens do not feel discouraged, there are many ways to contact us as mentioned above. Let us know and if it is within our ability to fix, we will fix it for you.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


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An app produced by us at Xffect.com, it has many pictures for your Android phones.

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